Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Post Ranch Honey

A couple of months back, we harvested our first batch of Post Ranch honey! Back then, it seemed like we had more than enough but now we nearly used the entire supply. With shorter days and flowers less abundant, our bees are moving into their winter cycle. It will be far too long before we get our next honey harvest. Perhaps we will add a few more hives next season.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Humpback Whales

Over the last few weeks, we have seen a few groups of humpback whales travelling up the coast. A pod of Orcas was also spotted in the bay a few days ago. Whales are a common sight out the windows of Sierra Mar but last week I decided to take a boat out for a closer look...

While the whale spouts are visible for miles-I was shocked  to capture this cauldron of bubbles just below the whale exhaled from a deep dive! What incredible creatures.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Local Dungeness Crab Season

Local Fisherman are busy getting ready for the opening of Dungeness Crab season! The entire wharf is covered with crab pots and everywhere you look, boats are gearing up for the start of the season. I can't wait to work on some new recipe ideas.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Little Thanksgiving Menu Inspiration

It looks like the flock of wild turkey at Post Ranch are just about ready for Thanksgiving! Speaking of Thanksgiving…. Here is a sneak peak at this year’s Thanksgiving Eve menu at Sierra Mar.

Smoked Venison Lomo
Pomegranate, Crispy Yucca Root, Salted Pistachio Puree

Winter Pear Salad
Parsnips, Alliums, Blue Cheese

Morro Bay Oysters
Warm, Watercress, Bacon, Leek, Horseradish

In a Variety of Textures

Forest Mushroom Soup
Crème Fraiche, Nutmeg, Brioche


Pan Roasted Sea Bass
Turmeric, Dill, Pickled Peanuts

Butternut- Truffle Ravioli
Winter Garden Greens, Brown Butter

Free Range Turkey

Coastal Forest Stuffing, Roasted Persimmon, Winter Squash, Giblet Gravy

Piedmontese Beef Filet

Slow Braised Shortrib, Potato Souffle, Mache, Mushrooms

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sierra Mar Winter Green Salad

Salad Ingredients
   1 head radicchio
   1 head black kale
   1 cup small mache leaves
   1 apple
   2 cups fromage blac
   1 cup cooked red quinoa
   1 cup pomegranate seeds
   1 ripe Ruyu Persimmon
   4 tbs Quince-ver jus vinaigrette

   4 tbs finely chopped quince
   1 tsp chopped ginger
   1 tsp chopped shallot
   2 tbs honey
   1 cup white ver jus
   2 ea. cloves
   2 ea. star anise
   1 cup apple juice
   1/2 cup riesling vinegar
   2 cup olive oil

  • Cook ginger and shallot with olive oil, add diced quince, honey and caramelize
  • Add ver jus and cook slowly until soft, cool
  • Blend in food processor, add cooled quince mixture, apple juice and vinegar
  • Blend until smooth slowly adding olive oil. 
  • Season with salt and more Riesling vinegar if needed
Finishing the Salad
  • Fine cut the radicchio and Kale 
  • Toss the kale and radicchio with mache greens, sliced apple, sliced persimmon, quinoa, pomegranate and vinaigrette
  • Season to taste with Salt and pepper
Serves up to 4